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Effective Neck Pain Treatments from Keego Harbor's Leading Chiropractors

Neck Pain Treatments: Chiropractic Services | The Fix Chiropractic Group - Neck_PainYour neck is one of the most critical parts or your anatomy. For the sake of both your health and quality of life, you should act when your neck becomes strained or injured. The Fix Chiropractic Group offers rapid and reliable solutions to a variety of neck issues. By giving you an accurate diagnosis and precise adjustments as quickly as possible, we can eliminate neck pain, maximize mobility, and let you go back to enjoying your life.

A Trusted Chiropractor for Neck Pain Relief in Keego Harbor

With more than a decade of experience solving neck pain in Keego Harbor and throughout the Metro Detroit area, the Fix Chiropractic team has earned the respect and trust of patients from all walks of life. Our strong reputation is due to our quality diagnostic methods, allowing us to determine exactly what is wrong with your neck and formulate an effective solution. This empowers us to solve the problem at its source, eliminating long-term neck pain.

Neck Pain Treatments: Chiropractic Services | The Fix Chiropractic Group - Same-Day-Appointments-for-Gentle-Spinal-AdjustmentsSame-Day Appointments for Gentle Spinal Adjustments

Neck pain often occurs when the joints in your neck come out of alignment with your spine and with each other. When this happens, it is essential to realign your body quickly. Otherwise, you will adjust to the new alignment and it will become more difficult to fix the problem. With same-day appointments available, the Fix Chiropractic allows you to treat neck pain as soon as you notice it, increasing our chances of addressing the issue while it’s still easy to fix.

Top 5 Reasons Your Neck May Be Bothering You

Alignment and other neck issues are often the results of:

  • Poor Posture - If you sit at your desk with your head arched over, you can gradually force your neck out of alignment. This puts pressure on nearby nerves, causing pain and numbness.
  • Sleeping Positions - Sleeping in certain positions compresses your neck bone, spurs and discs, injuring the nerves from your spinal cord.
  • Minor Accidents - Even a minor car crash can cause whiplash and other injuries that strain the tissues in your neck.
  • Slip & Fall Accident - Slipping and falling can cause whiplash, which can force discs out of alignment, or can compress the bone spurs in your neck.
  • Sports Injuries - Like slip and fall accidents, sports injuries often result in whiplash, disc issues, and nerve compression.

Do you feel good? Chiropractic and Pain.

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