Snow Shoveling Tips

It’s a topic that none of us want to talk about, but let’s be real. Snow Happens. As easy of a task this may seem, it’s the number one reason people come into our chiropractic office after a snowfall. Not being prepared can cause low back pain, neck pain, a pinched nerve or worse.

The biggest tip I can give is to have a GAME PLAN for the snowfall.


Is the snowfall occurring overnight or throughout the day? On a weekend or during the week? It’s important to know in order for you to decide if you are going to play offense and plug away at this as it accumulates OR if you are are going to play defense and wait for the snow to stop and work your way one quarter at a time.

Shovel (obviously) – It doesn’t matter if it’s ergonomically designed. Spray some non-stick cooking spray on the edge of your shovel so the snow doesn’t bunch up and increase your workload. Gloves, Shoes, Coat – Don’t rush it. Dress warm enough and you decrease your chance of back injury. I don’t believe in layering because if you are working up too much of a sweat then you are working too hard anyway.

Tunes – I listen to music or an audiobook while I shovel just so I can enjoy the journey.

Game Time

  • Stretch your neck (simple range of motion works well)
  • Stretch your back (lay on your back an pull your knees to your chest)
  • When you shovel make sure to bend at your knees and keep your back straight
  • Carry or push the snow instead of throwing it.
  • Shovel should be held close to the body
  • Alternate right handed and left handed shoveling
  • Think 4 quarters (divide your snow shoveling project into 4 sections)


  • Check your dryer vent status
  • Start your vehicle if this is a pre-work situation.
  • Throw unsalted snow into your flower or plant beds
  • Don’t rush and enjoy (as much as you can) the journey

If an injury occurs you can come see us at our office in Keego Harbor Michigan which is in the West Bloomfield Area.

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