Do you feel good? Chiropractic and Pain.

You will see me write in most of my advertisements or marketing campaigns on Facebook or Google the following “In Pain? We will see you today!”.  That’s because the majority of us base our health on how we feel. 

The most influential feeling for people to take action about their health is in most cases PAIN.  Sciatica pain you feel down your leg, or a splitting headache or migraine that won’t go away usually motivates most to find a chiropractor.  98% of our new patients find us because of pain they are feeling and they want to find a solution that lasts.  We also have patients that stick around even once their pain is gone because they find that regular adjustments keep their bodies and their nervous system… healthy. 

Chirp Wheel Review

Today I’m reviewing the Chirp Wheel by analyzing which size each person should have depending on their situation.

8 Great Stretches for Low Back Pain

Patients often ask what are some stretches they can do for their low back pain or sciatica. We have made a video tutorial showing you 8 great stretches for your low back.