Chirp Wheel Review

The other day I saw a product on, “Shark Tank” and I ordered it right away to see what the buzz was all about. I'll tell you right now, I love it.

Today I’m reviewing the Chirp Wheel by analyzing which size each person should have depending on their situation. It’s odd, you may have seen this product on social media, when I saw it on social media I really scoffed at it. I said, this is a foam roller, this is a styrofoam roller that I suggest to my patients almost daily at my practice in Michigan. But I said, what the heck? I’ll order them and see what they’re like. I have to tell you, I love this product and I’m throwing my foam roller away.


 To review, the Chirp Wheel comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. They have a great design and build quality. There is a soft, spongy layer on the outer portion. There’s a canal right down the middle that fits to your spinal column when you’re rolling this on your back. The Chirp Wheel is best for mid back relaxation as well as for stretching your glutes, calves, and feet.


 To decide what size wheel you should get depends on the kind of relief you’re looking for. For most people I recommend Mr. Safe and Standard, the medium size or the ten inch wheel. This will allow you to mobilize your mid back as well as your glutes, feet, and any other body part that this is able to help with. The small version is great for those of you that want a more aggressive option, it’s the one I’m currently using. The small wheel will get a deep massage and stretch into the glutes and spinal area. The largest wheel, I found to be most useful for people over six foot tall. This is because you’ll need the extra space for your shoulders as well as to get a good chest stretch. However the largest option is also better for people with a more sensitive spine because the bigger wheel will actually give you a gentler stretch. My tip is to actually order the small, medium, and large because right now they are having a deal on Chirp. Use our affiliate link and CLICK HERE to buy yours today!

 Let’s compare the Chirp Wheel with something I used to recommend. What I recommended at my office most often was a simple styrofoam roller. It’s not very comfortable and it’s not really made for the spine but they are usually pretty cheap ($20-$30 for a good one). When compared to the price of one wheel, they’re about the same cost. When you look at all three wheels they’re not the same price, but there are advantages to having the Chirp Wheel over the styrofoam roller. The biggest problem I found with the foam roller is that not only is it too much pressure on the mid back, but when you get above your mid back area the foam roller slips out from underneath your head and can possibly cause injury.


 I’ll explain how to use the Chirp Wheel to get an aggressive mid back stretch and mobilization with the medium size wheel. You’ll rest your hands on the floor, lean back, secure the Chirp Wheel and lift your hips off the ground. The Wheel won’t slip out from underneath you because your head will catch because the surface is so big. It’s more difficult to use this size wheel on the hamstring area. If you’re interested in doing the hamstring or calf area I recommend using the smallest wheel, which is why it’s best to get one of each size, it’s much easier.


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