Chiropractor in Waterford Michigan tells all of the secrets in new blog series "Chiropractic Revealed"

In this first video for our blog series, Dr Eric Duncan in Waterford, Michigan reveals your greatest asset.  In this short explainer video our doctor may have you think differently about your health and ask yourself "is there a chiropractor near me who can help me?"  You don't have to sit through educational classes when you decide to invest in your health.  If you have a chiropractor that requires you to attend a class AND bring your spouse or a guest.... BEWARE.  Instead we are providing this educational blog series called Chiropractic Revealed.  Learn how to feel great all the time, from the comfort of your own phone. 

Chirp Wheel Review

Today I’m reviewing the Chirp Wheel by analyzing which size each person should have depending on their situation.

Do you feel good? Chiropractic and Pain.

Watch this video Dr Eric Duncan created talking about “Feeling good” and “Feeling healthy” If you are in the Waterford, MI area we hope to see you soon at our office for fast pain relief and future health.

8 Great Stretches for Low Back Pain

Patients often ask what are some stretches they can do for their low back pain or sciatica. We have made a video tutorial showing you 8 great stretches for your low back.