Patient Reviews

Our Mission is Simple: Combining the Latest Techniques with Exceptional Service to Create Happy Patients!

Check out some recent reviews from a few of our satisfied patients:

“This place is awesome, they are so nice and helpful when I started here I couldn't move my head and now I am great. I love this place my whole family comes here now.”
- Susan V.

“Doctor takes the time to know his patients. Great and friendly staff. Every time you leave you feel relieved with no pain.”
- Paloma O.

“Amazingly friendly & knowledgeable staff! My infant suffers from major reflux issues as well as some neck issues & The Fix managed to resolve both those problems! I’m also being treated for a bad shoulder & feel amazing.”
- Rachael W.

“The doctors here are awesome and have helped me so much. I’ve gone from chronic pain to relief, and getting out of bed isn’t horrible anymore. I can’t suggest them enough.”
- Jennifer S.

“The Doctors and staff are the greatest, most helpful people ever.”
- Nicki P.

“The best chiropractic visit I’ve ever had! Loved both doctors. Very friendly and knowledgeable!”
- Nicole J.

“I loved these people. I was in such pain. Nothing was helping. I was looking on facebook and the doctor contacted me right away. I was so happy. Right after my first visit, I noticed a difference. My insurance is accepted. They take their time, explain everything, are very professional and thorough, but kind. I cannot suggest strongly enough if you need help to come here. I promise you will not be disappointed!”
 - Christine D.